Welcome to ArabicMorocco.wordpress.com. On this page you you will learn about ordinal numbers in Arabic. While traveling is pretty much useful to have some basic knowledge of numbers and to know how to count in the local language.

Morocco has fantastic souks (markets) and you can practice your language skills counting while buying some fruits or vegetables. Enjoying off the beaten parts of Morocco gives you the change of exploring a different way of seeing the country.

Learn Moroccan Arabic: Ordinal Numbers

  • First – LUWWEL
  • Second – TANI
  • Third – TALET
  • Fourth – RABE’
  • Fifth – KHAMES
  • Sixth – SADES
  • Seventh – SABE’
  • Eight – TAMEN
  • Night – TASE’
  • Tenth – ‘ASHER
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